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PREfessionals Academy A Revolutionary Concept In “Designer Education.”

Prefessionals Academy Little Scholars’ Center  provides young scholars with a “PRE-K COLLEGE” experience through our Schools of Foundation and our Schools of Imagination that leads to the educational development of each student’s advanced skills set and to their graduation from the advanced “ELEMENTARY SCHOLAR COLLEGE”. This is a very idiosyncratic program for the ages of 3-5 years. The programs provide a unique approach to foster foundational development “Spring-Ucation”, creativity through imagination and play. We believe in naturalistic education. This is education that embraces the natural process of learning for each young scholar. The schools are structured to be interactively and intellectually informative. This means that information is not just imparted; but, rather shared in such a way that it helps shape and form the inward minds of children, empowering them to imagine themselves as (Doctors, Engineers, Architectures, Lawyers, Artist & and Bakers…..)  Our goal is to enable and empower our scholars to “RISE & SOAR”.

The Program

There are two components to this program:  Schools of Foundation and Schools of Imagination

The Prefessionals Academy Little Scholars’ Center Schools are based on the premise that children are naturally curious and have an innate love of learning.  The programs are play-based; and a child’s natural inclination to wonder, explore and discover is encouraged.  Each school is housed in a safe and creative environment, with imaginative “Prefessors” that encourage children's love of learning.  


We recognize that children have individual strengths, needs, and interests; and the program takes the term “I want to be…” to a whole new level.  The overall goals of both The Schools of Foundation and The Schools of Imagination are to enhance each child’s cognitive development, social &emotional growth, fine & gross motor ability, and creative/artistic expression.  Our goal is to have the children reading and writing above their grade levels and soaring with their imagination as productive, creative, and imaginative Human Beings.

 Schools of Foundation- (Found-Nation)

School of Reading –Writing (ABC Scholars)

In a warm and nurturing environment, little scholars are introduced to the literacy early, to learn the building blocks of reading and writing.  They are exposed to phonics and will understand and use a wide variety of new vocabulary words moving them towards learning to Read and Write.

School of Math (Math Maniacs)

These scholars are taught to get extremely enthusiastic for math.  The math program includes teaching the little scholars to count, measure, identify and create patterns, use numbers and mathematical symbols and to make connection, in real life.  They are taught to count beyond thousand to Infinity, to solve word-problems, multiplication and division using the mental math strategy.


School of Science (I Thinkers)

 Young scholars are taught the power of I think- I can , I think -I can , I think - I can until It becomes, I know I can .  This is their journey in this school.

Our science program encourages scholars to explore the world of science and chemistry through exploration, observation and fun experiments to enhance their curiosity and develop their higher order thinking skills to encompass the world.


Schools of Imagination– (Image-Nation)

The Schools of Imagination (Architecture/Engineering, Arts & Music, Law, Medicine, and Technology) are integrated within thematic structures, which discover their natural creativity and ascertain what they have.


School of Architecture & Engineering (I Designers)

Our scholars will learn about the different aspects of architecture and engineering. They will create and design structures, buildings and towers by using inter linking gauges, Legos, wood craft sticks and other drawing & construction materials. They are also engaged in engineering instructions that build on young students' natural problem-solving skills to prepare a future generation of critical thinkers.


  School of Art (Inside-Outers)

(Come watch me paint the world)

In this school, artist will learn how to pull the beauty of their imagination out of themselves and on to the canvas of life.  Art is an essential in expanding the horizons of children beyond everyday life. Children will express their uniqueness by expressing their feelings, mood and thoughts through art, crafting, drawing and clay.

School of Music & DramA (See Me, Hear Me)

This program is designed to help our scholars through imagination and dramatization, encompasses the articulation, language development, conflict resolution and relieves emotional stress.  It also enhances young scholar’s intrinsic music motivation and talents.


     School of Law (Here comes the Judge)

In this role of law school, the scholars will learn through mock trials and interactive role play.  They will learn about the law, how courtrooms work and how to make right and good decisions in life.  They are taught the concept of responsibility, helping others, justice, fairness, self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others and mercy.


    School of Medicine (Doctor in the House)

Is there a Doctor in the house?

It’s good to know that there are doctors in the house through games and interactive play children will learn about the human body, its physiology, anatomy, and how to keep it healthy.  They are taught the basic First Aid, how to take blood pressure, how to count heart rate.  Through hands on learning activities and real designed clinical lab they will understand the entire process of digestion, circulation and how our brain works.  These scholars are introduced to the different fields of medical science.


School of Technology (Web Travelers)

Walking in the world- wide- web

The web travelers will learn basic computer and technology skills through hands on activities and computer games.  These travelers will travel throughout the world via web, learn and assimilate the culture, music, food and geography of each continent.

We provide them a “MIB” (Mind, Imagination and Body) free zone.  This is not a Don’t play place.  This is a DO play place where restrain and constrain, are taken off the child’s mind, imagination and body (MIB).

 “Where Our Scholars Rise & Soar”


Executive PREfessor

Mrs. Syeda Alam

  Mrs. Syeda Alam is a caring, careful and creative lover of children and their dreams.  She has been involved in the holistic development of little scholars for more than 30 years.  In those 30 years she has taught in classrooms and administrated vibrant educational programs.  Syeda Alam has been an administrator for 15 years.  




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